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UAD Hosts the iHiLead Workshop

Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD) hosted the Indonesian Higher Education Leadership (iHiLead) workshop. The event was titled “Evaluation and Redevelopment Workshop on iHiLead LMDP/LMDN”. On Monday, February 20 2023, the opening ceremony was held at the Main Building Amphitarium of Campus IV UAD attended by the Chancellor of UAD, the ranks of vice-chancellors, iHiLead Project Leaders, and many more.

Leadership and Management Development Program (LMDP) and Leadership and Management Development Network (LMDN) are 2 major programs initiated by iHiLead and have been implemented since 2021. Both are designed for university leaders so that they become competent leaders in creating future visions, formulate a strong strategy, and be able to make changes.

UAD Chancellor Dr. Muchlas, MT, emphasized in his speech that UAD is strongly committed to supporting programs from iHiLead. This workshop was also marked as the second time UAD hosted the iHiLead program. Muchlas explained that there are not many leadership programs like this. “So this program will be an alternative that is able to accommodate the capacity building of higher education leaders,” he said.

Head of the Higher Education Service Institute (LLDikti) Region V Yogyakarta Prof. drh. Aris Junaidi, Ph.D. also had the opportunity to attend the event and deliver his speech. He expressed his appreciation for iHiLead which has successfully carried out the LMDP piloting program in the form of building initiatives , projects of change , and creating impact. “In the future, leaders from universities must be able to collaborate between leadership and management ,” added Aris.

A series of workshop agendas will be held for the next 4 days until February 23 2023. Various topics ranging from LMDP implementation to module development will be the main discussion during the event. Through this activity, it is hoped that the leadership and management competencies of higher education leaders can further develop.