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National Leadership Symposium: Navigating Innovation in Indonesian Higher Education in the Anthropocene Era

Batu, May 2-3, 2024 – More than 200 leaders and officials from higher education institutions across Indonesia gathered at the National Leadership Symposium, an event organized by PEMIMPIN part of Leadership Management Development Program. With the theme “Navigating Innovation in Indonesian Higher Education in the Anthropocene Era,” the symposium addressed various topics, including future innovation policies, the role of leaders in human resource development, challenges in resource management and environmental preservation, as well as the management of AI in academic processes and research.

The first day of the symposium focused on discussions and presentations regarding future innovation policies in higher education. Participants deliberated on the crucial role of leaders in shaping adaptive and innovative generations, and the challenges faced in managing natural resources and ensuring environmental sustainability in the Anthropocene era. Key speakers highlighted the importance of leadership quality in guiding higher education institutions through rapid and complex changes in the modern era.

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On the second day, attention shifted to the presentation of the best articles and project reports selected by the committee. Participants gained practical insights from innovative projects successfully implemented in various universities. The symposium not only served as a forum for sharing knowledge and experiences but also as a platform to strengthen collaborative networks among higher education leaders in a collective effort to enhance the quality of education in Indonesia.

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