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Erasmus+ iHiLead

iHiLead merupakan upaya kolektif yang disponsori oleh Program Erasmus+ dari Uni Eropa dan diikuti oleh 7 universitas di Indonesia, 3 universitas di Eropa, dan didukung oleh Kementerian Pendidikan, Kebudayaan, Riset dan Teknologi Republik Indonesia yang bertujuan untuk membangun kepemimpinan sekolah pada tahun 2021 hingga 2024.


Perkumpulan Pendidikan Kepemimpinan Perguruan Tinggi (PEMIMPIN)  adalah sebuah perkumpulan yang merupakan keluaran dari program Erasmus+ Capacity Building di bidang Pendidikan Tinggi dengan nama program Indonesian Higher Education Leadership (iHiLEAD).

In responding to changing times and challenges in the future, we must replace and adjust the level of each existing institution. Every line of education must be transformed for the better. This is to create quality leaders in the future

David Dawson Director of Master of Arts Higher Education Leadership and Management, University of Gloucestershire

Currently, changes no longer occur in a linear fashion, but are increasingly complex. For this reason, universities in Indonesia must begin to abandon old competencies that are no longer needed. Universities in Indonesia must be more adaptive and dare to disrupt themselves

Prof. Ir. Nizam, M.Sc., DIC, Ph.D., IPU, Asean Eng. Acting Director General of Higher Education, Cultural, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek)

In the future, leaders from universities must be able to collaborate between leadership and management

Prof. drh. Aris Junaidi, Ph.D. Head of the Higher Education Service Institute (LLDikti) Region V Yogyakarta